Many Organisations Have Customised Training Programs With Logikal Training To Upskill Their Teams.

Boral Trains 190 Staff Over 3 Years To Improve Project Management Capability

With a mandate to upskill their workforce in Project Management, LogiKal Training was engaged to customise and deliver a national wide development program.

Main Roads Western Australia Undergoes A Capability Enhancement Solution

LogiKal Training was engaged to deliver two Diploma and one Cert IV programs in conjunction with services from LogiKal Projects.

Discovery Review, Transformation Framework & Customised Cert IV in Project Management

A customised Cert IV in Project Managment Practice supplements further transformation services from LogiKal Projects.

A Customised Cert IV Project Management Program based on PMBOK Methodology

LogiKal Training conducts a discovery review before training over 30 staff with 3 courses over 12 months.

Join The Many Organisations Who Have Benefited From Customised Training Programs

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