Planning and Control using Microsoft® Project (2 Day Course Perth)


This course provides participants with an understanding of the basics required to create a schedule, through to resource planning and on to the more advanced features of Microsoft Project®.

This course aims to teach students how to plan and control projects with and without resources up to an intermediate level using Microsoft® Project.

Classes are facilitated by experienced Project Professionals who encourage open discussions to enable the participants to gain real insight into how to apply knowledge and skills to their own workplace.

The course material is “Planning and Control Using Microsoft® Project” written by Paul Harris, Eastwood Harris Pty Ltd.

The format of this training material allows the book to be read as a reference guide back in the workplace.



Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Navigation and Setting the Options
  • Creating Projects and Templates
  • Defining Calendars
  • Adding Tasks
  • Organising Tasks Using Outlining
  • Formatting the Display
  • Adding Task Dependencies
  • Network Diagram View
  • Constraints


Day 2

  • Filters
  • Tables and Grouping Tasks
  • Views and Details
  • Printing and Reports
  • Tracking Progress
  • Creating Resources and Costs
  • Assigning Resources and Costs to Tasks
  • Resource Optimisation



This workshop is suitable for individuals who are looking to further develop their knowledge and skills in Microsoft® Project up to an intermediate level.

  • Programme Managers and Project Control staff evaluate the software against organisational requirements.
  • Project schedulers /project planners who wish to learn how to use the software to schedule and control projects.
  • Experienced project personnel who wish to learn how to schedule and control a project.



  • Ability to read and write English
  • Understanding how projects are managed with a sound understanding of project management processes
  • The ability to use a computer with a good understanding of the operating system and Microsoft Office products