Microsoft Project Fundamentals (1 Day Course Melbourne)

Course Overview

This course is suitable for Project Management Professionals in any industry who wish to learn to improve their skills in Microsoft® Project and discover how to get the most out of the software up to an introductory level. Highlights of the course include information on Project’s scheduling options, formatting tools, the Timescale view, and improved data management tools (such as sorting, grouping, outlining, and highlighting), plus a complete overview of Project’s new ribbon-based interface.

Classes are facilitated by experienced Project Professionals who encourage open discussions to enable the participants to gain real insight into how to apply knowledge and skills to their own work place.


  • Getting Started

Participants will learn the basics of Project: how to open and close it, how to use the ribbon-based interface, how to plan and create a basic project, how to set up tasks and separate them into phases, how to save and open projects, and how to get help.

  • Using and Customising the Project Interface

This section will focus entirely on Project’s interface. Participants will learn how to use the basic elements of the interface, customise the Quick Access toolbar, and customize the ribbon itself.

  • The Project Tabs

Participants will examine each tab in depth. Participants will also learn about contextual tabs.

  • Creating a Basic Project

Participants will learn how to create a basic project in various ways; add tasks to it; set constraints, milestones, and deadlines on those tasks; assign and manage resources; link, unlink, split, and inactivate tasks; and use lag and lead time.

  • Updating and Polishing Your Project

Participants will learn how to update their project, perform basic editing tasks, format text, and format the Gantt chart.

  • Printing and Viewing a Project

The final section of this level will teach participants how to arrange windows; sort, filter, highlight, group, and outline data; use the Timescale view; view their project indifferent ways; and print and export their file.


  • This workshop is suitable for individuals with little or no planning experience who are looking to begin or further their career in the project management sector


  • Ability to read and write English
  • The ability to use a computers with a good understanding of the operating system and Microsoft Office products