How we customised training programs

Customised Programs

LogiKal’s industry-proven methodology focuses on the enhancement of the capability and capacity of the organisation to deliver projects. We focus on engagement with stakeholders before and throughout to ensure that the process is positive and empowering, rather than potentially disruptive or disharmonizing.

Our engagement approach consistently enables us to understand the current situation and potential barriers to success from the outset. We take the time to regularly interact with stakeholders throughout the process to make sure we are on the right path and ensure that transparent and positive engagement is consistent throughout.

Our team works closely with our clients nominated representatives to develop and deliver training programs that are  engagingrelevant, practical and capable.

LogiKal has an established 6-Step Program Development Process as outlined below to strategically target different groups or projects and meet specific training needs or a desired outcome. This process acknowledges the complexity that can exist within an organisation or project, allowing for collaborative development with a range of stakeholders.

6 Step Program Development Process
LogiKal’s 6 Step Program Development Process

When undertaking training and capability projects, LogiKal work collaboratively with our clients to ensure we understand specific requirements and integrate, update or customise where appropriate, across all the various phases of course development life cycle as outlined below in our  Design & Develop Phase.


Design & Develop Phase
Design & Develop Phase