Enhancing Rio Tinto’s Delivery Capability

Project Overview

When faced with strong growth projections, Rio Tinto’s AMES group engaged LogiKal to provide independent and expert advice to identify and implement a project controls and management improvement initiative. LogiKal provided an end-to-end service; from the development of a business case through to the implementation of new project systems, business processes and training.

Project Controls for Rio Tinto

LogiKal’s Approach

LogiKal’s approach was to provide a simple solution that would allow integration of Rio Tinto’s existing cost management and scheduling systems.

LogiKal started with a Review to identify the current state of Rio Tinto’s business processes, systems and capability within the existing team. Mapped against their desired outcomes, LogiKal then provide advice on how Rio Tinto could support sustainable growth. LogiKal ensured the approach was backed by a highly supportive environment in order to achieve the desired future state.

LogiKal’s Value Add

LogiKal developed a business improvement roadmap for Rio Tinto including organisational design changes, business process improvements and recommendations to improve project management systems.

LogiKal was able to de-risk Rio Tinto’s long-term strategy by highlighting gaps in their existing cost control tool, overcome by implementing a solution that LogiKal identified to meet specified functionality and integration requirements.

Successful Outcomes Included:

As part of a supported, full-service approach, LogiKal:

  • Simplified the process by developing a suite of project documentation and business case justifications required to support organisational needs
  • Led change by embedding experts into Rio Tinto’s team to implement organisational design changes within the project controls group
  • Project Managed the implementation of a new cost control tool (ARES PRISM) for project cost management integrated with improved strategies for procurement
  • Project managed the implementation of an integrated analytics platform for portfolio, program and project reporting
  • Provided training & capability services