Project Management Fundamentals


This course provides a sound grounding in the core project management fundamentals, processes, and techniques



Designed For

Those taking on projects management for the first time, or taking on a leadership role within a project, or currently moving along a career path to become a project manager.

Course Description

This 2 day fundamentals course aims to help plan and manage projects to meet the agreed project objectives of: resource, time, cost and quality.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define a project;
  • Discuss the causes of project failure;
  • Understand the importance of project management in today's organisations;
  • Appreciate the requirement to have projects linked to business strategies and with defined organisational benefits;
  • Discuss the skills required of a project manager;
  • Understand the project life cycle and organisational influences;
  • Make a presentation of your project status to the Project Control Board 
  • Understand and apply the PMI nine knowledge areas;
  1. 1. Integration management; 
  2. 2. Scope management; 
  3. 3. Time management; 
  4. 4. Cost management; 
  5. 5. Quality management; 
  6. 6. Human resources management; 
  7. 7. Communications management 
  8. 8. Risk management; and 
  9. 9. Procurement management.