Earned Value Management Techniques


This course is different to many other courses because it covers topics outside standards such as techniques needed to collect the EV data and alternative measurement systems.

The aim of this course is to demonstrate:

  • What EVPM is

  • Why projects benefit from an EVPM system

  • An overview of current standards

  • Practical advice on how to set up and run and report from EVPM system

  • Designed For

    This course is aimed at project management professionals who wish to learn how to set up and run an Earned Value Performance Measurement System.

    Course Description

    This course is presented in one day and includes a workshop at the end of each module where the students practice preparing a number of planning documents.

    Modules include:

    • Introduction and Overview of EVPM
    • Understanding EVPM as outlined in standards
    • How EVPM is applied to real projects
    • Steps for setting up an EVPM system
    • Creating and setting the Performance Measurement Baseline
    • Measuring progress and calculating the Earned Value
    • Recording and calculating actuals
    • Calculating the Estimate to Complete
    • Reporting and Software tools
    • Scope Changes, Resetting the baseline, Hints and Tips

    The course material consists of:

    • Course handout with slides, workshops and explanatory notes
    • Sample Excel spreadsheets that may be used as the basis of an EVPM system for a small project.