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Customise courses and improve your team's project delivery with LogiKal Training, the trusted and accredited project management training provider for Australian organisations and teams.

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At LogiKal Training, we believe that each team is different and requires its own customised project management training.

That's why we take the time to understand your team's needs and objectives, and deliver on that training with our experienced professionals. 

We believe in partnering for project management success.

We've partnered with Australian Organisations both large and small

Reduce Overheads

Improve Project Delivery

Remain Competitive

Benefit from an up-skilled team that delivers better results. Improve efficiencies and reduce overheads.

Enhance your teams ability and your organisations capability to deliver on projects with LogiKal's proven training methodologies.

Improve your teams skills and maintain a competitive advantage. Avoid losing out to the competition from a lesser skilled workforce. Keep current and ahead.

Train From Anywhere

Classroom based training is available at all major cities across Australia including Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. We also offer Training at your business premises and on site training anywhere in Australia.

Learn From Professionals

Our training combines detailed theory with relevance from every day projects. Our instructors have the experience to deliver in depth training so you can learn best practice and apply your skills right away. 

In Depth Theory

Relevant Everyday Examples

Workshop Activities

Templates To Apply To Your Projects

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"I think you have done an excellent job in bringing this course together. I have gone through it once more and again, just realised how well you’ve put it together. Since the course I have gone through all the processes that you refer to and have updated them all. They are now all up to date. If it was not for your course, I wouldn’t have known where to start. Well done and thanks very much. I am a satisfied customer and look forward to next year’s round."

Project Services Manager

What Our Students Say

"The best aspect of the course was the introduction into projects and flow of the programme. [As well as] bringing in relevance of everyday projects to the room and experiences shared."


Senior Project Manager

"I am fortunate that I get to visit numerous training providers and attend a lot of courses. This course by far is one of the best prepared, coordinated and managed courses that I have seen."

Operations Manager

"The trainer was very experienced. It was extremely valuable to listen to the case studies / examples he provided during the training sessions."

Main Roads, WA

Graduate Engineer

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