How our courses are run

Quality Trainers

At LogiKal Training International you can be assured of receiving the highest quality, personalised training and mentoring services available. Our courses are delivered by qualified, industry practitioners using adult learning principles.

Face-to-Face Workshops

Our face-to-face workshops are highly interactive with plenty of hands-on, practical activities to reinforce and help learning take place.

Practical Assessments

Our assessments are designed to be work-simulated scenarios, which means that you work on real-work projects as part of your practical assessment. This way, you have a ready set of expertly tuned documents which you can take back to work for your use.

Pre Course Information

Our pre course information pack will provide you with all the necessary information you need prior to commencing training including, course enrolment form, pre-course booklet, pre-reading material (if any), location, any special dietary requirements, any special learning needs, information on course assessments, contact details and other bits and pieces to help you on day one of your course.