Planning and Scheduling Using Microsoft® Project


This course is aimed at teaching students how to plan and control projects with and without resources up to an intermediate level using Microsoft® Office Project.


Students should be working in a project and environment and understand how projects are planned and controlled, this includes knowledge of the following subjects:
Project management processes
How to plan a project including the development of a Work Breakdown Structure
Experience in the use of PCs and an understanding of the operating system

Designed For

The following people should consider attending this course:
Project managers and schedulers who wish to learn how to use the software to schedule and control projects
Programme Managers, Project Managers and Project Control staff evaluating the software against their organisational requirements


This course aim to teach participants:
The user interface and how to create projects,
Scheduling projects without resources,
Filters layouts, printing, baselines,
Updating an un-resourced project,
Creating and assigning roles and resources,
Controlling projects with resources
and costs,Tools and utilities.

Course Description

The course is delivered as a 2 day course where the instructor will demonstrate the functions of the software using a PowerPoint presentation and using the software live module by module. Students will also be given the opportunity to complete workshops at the end of each chapter to reinforce the material taught in the lesson. Course content includes:


1.      Introduction

2.      Navigation and Setting the Options

3.      Creating Projects and Templates

4.      Defining Calendars

5.      Adding Tasks

6.      Organizing Tasks Using Outlining

7.      Formatting the Display

8.      Adding Task Dependencies

9.      Network Diagram View

10.   Constraints

11.    Filters

12.    Tables and Grouping Tasks

13.    Views and Details

14.    Printing and Reports

15.    Tracking Progress

16.    Creating Resources and Costs

17.    Assigning Resources and Costs to Tasks

18.    Resource Optimization

19.    Updating Projects with Resources